Cally Spooner

b. 1983, Ascot, UK. Lives and works in London, UK

Cally Spooner’s diverse practice includes essays, media installations and live events, which grapple with the organisation and dispossession of that which lives. She often uses rehearsals, or the episodic form, as a means, and an end, in itself.
For the BIM Cally Spooner proposes DRAG DRAG SOLO, an installation of sound, and a backdrop of mute moving-image, which emerges from her current, ongoing study, On False Tears and Outsourcing. Since June 2015, this project has manifested as installations, lectures, essays, workshops, prose. In each instance, these iterations begin from her speculative definition of outsourcing; to a sterile language engineered by institutional/industrial bodies, which may then manage, control and probably (accidentally) erode life. For the BIM, Spooner augments this study with a constellation of unsynched side-shoots and spin offs.