Phoebe Boswell

b. 1982, Nairobi, KE. Lives and works in London, UK

Phoebe Bowell’s story – her identity – is rooted in her “expatriate” and transient past, her trajectory is always anchored to a personal exploration of “home”. Her work combines drawings, animations, digital technology and complex installations to form a language through which she communicates global, fragmented narratives like hers

For the Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement, Boswell proposes Mutumia. In the artist’s mother tongue, mutumia is the general term for ‘woman’, which loosely translates as ‘the one whose lips are sealed’. With Mutumia, Boswell proposes an immersive multimedia installation, where sequences of images, animations and sounds make up a salute to women in African history who have used their bodies in direct acts of resistance in conflicts where they haven’t been permitted to use their voices. The visitor will be both active and passive, observer and observed, confronted by an army of projected women, and invited, through their very presence, to enable female voices to be heard.