Trisha Baga

b. 1985, New York, USA. Lives and works in New York, USA

Trisha Baga’s immersive environments position the viewer in a playful negotiation between the concrete and the simulated. Her intricate videos operate on several levels of experience, mimicking the manner in which our perceptual landscape now weaves between digital and physical.

Trisha Baga’s project for the BIM 2016, entitled MABUHAY, is an abstract narrative following the road trip movie format. Employing 3-D effects, Baga creates a stratified narrative that aimst to find logic in the viewer’s own processes of association: an approach where consciousness becomes the protagonist. MABUHAY investigates, in the artist’s own words, “my family history, the history of the Philippines, layers of colonization as seen through representation and appropriation, the convergence of Catholic and American pop culture sensibilities, what happens to a mountain made of clay when it gets hit by a typhoon, and what happens when a van tries to drive up it.”