Jenna Hasse

b. 1989, Lisbon, PT. Lives and works between Lausanne, CH and Paris, FR

Both actress and director, Jenna Hasse explores the duality of her condition through her films and stages the intimate through the life of her protagonists. She is inspired among others by her own history, humankind’s relationship with nature, sensations and the resulting emotions.

SOLTAR, 2016
For the Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement, Jenna Hasse directs Soltar, a story about two characters, Margaux (played by the artist) and Bruno, leaving on their holidays to Portugal. Throughout the movie, we discover an increasing anxiety, caused by Bruno’s paranoia. The artist places the two characters in the middle of a duality, two entities impossible to reconcile for Bruno. This feeling is accentuated by the environment, an electronic music festival, with its crowd, wild dances and community life contrasting with the natural way of life, the immensity of the beaches and the adjacent ocean.

[CINÉMA SPOUTNIK, 10.11, 20.30]

[CINEMA DYNAMO, from Tuesday to Sunday, 13.13]