Alessio Di Zio

b. 1992. Lives and works between London, UK and Los Angeles, USA

Working impulsively, musician and film director Alessio Di Zio immerses himself in chosen environments to creates very personal films. Initially shot for personal use, his films gained notoriety for their artistic touch and their particular image treatments.

For the Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement, Alessio Di Zio presents Genesee and Sioux Rapids, two highly improvised fantasy short films set in artificial environments and featuring moments of strange magic, fictional dimensions, iconic imageries, impressions and glimpses of his own fantasies and dreams.

(These films’ postproductions have been made in the studios of the Cinéma du réel of the HEAD – Genève)

[CINÉMA SPOUTNIK, 12.11, 16.00]

Sioux Rapids

[CINEMA DYNAMO, CENTRE D’ART CONTEMPORAIN, from Tuesday to Sunday, 12.58]